It’s a new year! Our January meeting will be on January 9th at the Ftn. City Library. Click Events for more details.

The publishing industry has entered into a new & exciting age, and the days of the old, musty writers group have come to an end. With the new publishing paradigm, writers need more than stale business meetings and static workshops. They need dynamic interaction within a diverse community of publishing industry professionals.

ETCWA hopes to be that community by offering membership to writers, content creators (bloggers, newsletter editors, etc.), librarians, book store owners/employees, readers, and other industry professionals.

ETCWA offers orientation, mentoring, workshops, sub communities, write-ins, writing sprints, and critique groups for specialized education and interaction in subjects pertinent to the ever-changing publishing industry landscape.

ETCWA offers meetings in a variety of platforms: in person, through chat, in Google+ hangouts, and through Skype.

ETCWA offers a new model for writing groups with interaction, participation & paying it forward being the only dues we collect.